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Leonhard Mayser (1775-1839) establishes a “Hutmacherey“ in Ulm. Times are turbulent as the city is occupied by Napoleon. Nevertheless, the company´s success is however imminent. With its production of quality men´s felt hats, Mayser soon makes a name for itself. 

Leonhard Mayser´s son Friedrich (1808-1887) is left with a considerably sized hat company to take over. He and his own son, Fritz (1840-1907) bring important players in industrialization to Ulm. Together, they develop another company, finance other business which lead to a start in mechanical manufacturing.

The company´s steady growth offers financial flexibility for future ventures. The hat factory F. Mayser & Son is changed to become the Mayser AG- and is now one of the biggest joint-stock companies in the country.

Today, sold in 44 countries, 350,000 hats, and 4 collections, of 300 designs each, a year, Mayser in one of the largest headwear companies in the world. In addition to the traditional Mayser Collection, Michael Zechbauer, son of Peter M. Zechbauer, developed his own brand "Michael Zechbauer-style for Men by Mayser".

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