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Bella Hats Store is situated at the heart of Prague, at 25 Národní street. The team is highly experienced in the retail fashion business and has a long history of successes in Czech Republic, as of 1992.


In our retail offer you will find top world brands, such as STETSON, BORSALINO, MAYSER and BAILEY'S.

We are as well Exclusive Agent for Bailey of Hollywood wholesale for Czech Republic and Slovakia - amazing Bailey's products you can see live at our retail store and for more information, please be free to contact us.

Bailey® began producing fine headwear in 1922, priding itself on founder George Bailey's emphasis on the importance of a professionally crafted hat. Bailey® hats and caps are known for the craftsmanship, innovative design and luxury fibers and fabrics including fur felt, wool felt, leather, LiteFelt®, genuine Panama, wool, linen and cashmere.
Bella Fashion - Stetson Hats
Stetson is a brand of hat manufactured by the John B. Stetson Company.
Founded in 1865, John B. Stetson Company began when the founder headed west and created the original hat of the West, the “Boss of the Plains”.
Borsalino Prague CFS
Borsalino Prague M
Borsalino Prague WWW
Borsalino Prague W
Borsalino Prague MM
Giuseppe Borsalino - nicknamed "u siur Pipen" (Master Joe) in the local dialect – was born in Alessandria in Italy in 1834. After starting as an errand boy then an apprentice in his home town, he finds a job at the Berteil hat factory in Rue du Temple, Paris, where he works for around seven years before becoming a qualified Master Hatter.
Mayser FW 17-18_Simon_69
Mayser FW 17-18_Lysann_25
Mayser FW 17-18_Simon_4
Mayser FW 17-18_Pueblo_9
Mayser FW 17-18_Matteo_47
Mayser FW 17-18_Pueblo_68
Mayser FW 17-18_Matteo_28
Mayser FW 17-18_Lucy_4
Mayser FW 17-18_Lisett_135
Mayser FW 17-18_Lisett_37
Mayser FW 17-18_Lilo_76
Mayser FW 17-18_Liliane_110
Mayser FW 17-18_Lilli_3
Mayser FW 17-18_Lilo_19
Mayser FW 17-18_Liliane_110.2
Mayser FW 17-18_Levent_22
Mayser FW 17-18_Levent_1
Mayser FW 17-18_Leoni_27
Mayser FW 17-18_Leoni_47
Mayser FW 17-18_Leoni - Laurent_27
Mayser FW 17-18_Laurenz_34
Mayser FW 17-18_Kristen - Laurel_54
Mayser FW 17-18_Lara_3
Mayser FW 17-18_Kessy_4
Mayser FW 17-18_Kora_43
Mayser FW 17-18_Kessy_194
Mayser FW 17-18_Karen_15
Mayser FW 17-18_Frankie EX_1
Mayser FW 17-18_Frankie_47
Mayser FW 17-18_Crosby_86
Mayser FW 17-18_Frankie CL_71
Mayser FW 17-18_Crosby_78
Mayser FW 17-18_City_80
Mayser FW 17-18_City_81
Mayser FW 17-18_City_70
Mayser FW 17-18_City_3
Mayser FW 17-18_Basti Female_36
Mayser FW 17-18_Basti - Lynda_80
Mayser FW 17-18_Channing_120
Mayser FW 17-18_Basti_91
Leonhard Mayser (1775-1839) establishes a “Hutmacherey“ in Ulm. Times are turbulent as the city is occupied by Napoleon. Nevertheless, the company´s success is however imminent. With its production of quality men´s felt hats, Mayser soon makes a name for itself. 
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